Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer Reviews

Best Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer Reviews

Best Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer Reviews

Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer

Which is the best battery powered eyebrow trimmer in the market today?  Compare these top rated eyebrow trimmers to see which is the best one for you.

Do you know what the most important element is with a eyebrow trimmer?  You want to make sure that it has hypoallergenic blades, so that you won’t need to add moisturizer.

Sharp, stainless steel blades for better precision in your grooming.

These trimmers are great for trimming all extra body hair, such as your face, arm, leg, bikini line in addition to trimming your eyebrows.

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Best Electric Eyebrow Razor Trimmer and Shaper

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Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Reivews and Buying Guide
Top 3 Today:
Lavany Ladies Trimmer
Panasonic Eyebrow Trimmer
Dr. Baobab Trimmer
✅ This specific ladies eyebrow trimmer is the most popular with our readers (because it is cheap).
✅ This electric eyebrow trimmer works the best in water (use it in the shower!) 

Eyebrow Trimmer for Ladies

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Cheapest Eyebrow Trimmer

Panasonic Eyebrow Trimmer

The Panasonic eyebrow trimmer is one of the most popular due to it’s low price.

It comes with two different eyebrow shaper tools that snap on over top of the blade.

The blade is a thin hypoallergenic blade (very sharp), the handle is sleek and can be used for either a right handed or left handed person.

The trimmer uses a AA battery (not included).

The down side is that it does not come with a bag or pouch to store the trimmer and the accessories – so you can’t keep it organized and all together.  If it sits on your countertop, that’s fine, but if you put it in a drawer or take it with you on trips, then you will have to use a ziplock bag to keep it in.

(click here for pricing or to read reviews on Amazon)


✅ Dr. Baobab Eyebrow Trimmer

This Dr. Baobab trimmer is an all in one women bikini trimmer and additional attachments are all water resistant, so you can use it wet and dry .Just Do not forget that it can not be soaked in water.

The compact size of the hair trimmer makes it perfect to fit comfortably in hand for use. Convenient for travel, fits inside pocket, makeup bag and more.

The cordless trimmer requires one AA battery (not included) which should last for a couple of months of use before having to be replaced.

You can use this not only as an eyebrow trimmer, but also as a bikini trimmer/shaver, face razor and underarm trimmer.

(check pricing and read reviews)


Lavany Ladies Trimmer

The Lavany ladies trimmer  is beautifully designed and it does a great job in trimming eyebrows to create the perfect eyebrow shape.

It also comes with a detachable heads so you can use it to shave peach fuzz on your face or upper lip, use it as a nose trimmer and also use it for the bikini area.

The Lavany cordless trimmer required one AAA battery (not included) which should last you for a few months.

The sharp stainless steel blades control your excess hair without causing any pulls, cuts, redness or irritation.  There have been no reports of redness or irritation when using this compact electric razor.

Easily clean by rinsing under running water.

The Lavany ladies trimmer has lots of positive reviews that you can read – here.


Fancii Water Resistant Precision Trimmer

Best Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmers for Ladies - Review The rotary blade system uses a cyclone blade action for quick and efficient trimming without the pulling or tugging sensation. Great for nose and ear hair, stray hairs on the eyebrows, body and facial hair or detailing beards.

Each trimmer is equipped with a safety cone, guiding hair into the blades without ever making contact to your skin.

(check pricing and read reviews)


Philips PrecisionPerfect Eyebrow Trimmer

Best Battery operated eyebrow trimmer reviewThe Philips eyebrow trimmer is designed for dry use only, so don’t take it in the shower.

Created for trimming eyebrows and removing facial hair.

This low cost trimmer can be found on Amazon



✅ What is the Best Eyebrow Trimmer on the Market?

The Dr. Baobab is the most versatile and can be used while in the shower – so it is our pick for best eyebrow trimmer (an bikini trimmer).  And it’s not expensive.

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Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Under $20

Panasonic eyebrow trimmer

Philips PrecisionPerfect Eyebrow Trimmer


Common Questions and Answers

Can you trim the peach fuzz on your face with these battery operated trimmers?


Can it trim your bikini line?

Most of these small electric shavers are designed to be used in the bikini area.  Some cannot be used in the shower, so make sure you check for that first.

Can it trim nose hairs?

Most of these battery operated eyebrow trimmers have an interchangeable head to allow you to trim nose hairs as well.  Verify before you purchase.

Can it trim ear hairs?

These units are not designed for trimming nose hairs.

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